Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Thermal Surveillance Camera from SPI Corp That Goes ANYWHERE

SPI Corp Thermal Imaging Cameras & Thermal Scopes has developed a top of the line thermal surveillance camera family that is so customizable, it can do virtually anything you want it to do, with no blind spots. Whether it’s day or night, the M1-D family of infrared cameras will keep you secure 24/7, no matter what the weather conditions are. Land, air or sea; this compact and ultra tough thermal imaging system can do it all, for a fraction of the cost of similar models on the market today.

The M1-D Thermal Surveillance Camera is a true 360 degree view pan tilt zoom solution that is both affordable and versatile.  With the growing demands for all weather, all situation thermal imaging systems we’ve developed a model with many available configurations in a compact, easy to mount system. The unit is so small and rugged, it can be used in a wide variety of situations.  It is also low cost, so it is a great option for home, industrial, law enforcement, military or border security on a tight budget.
Wireless M1-D Thermal Surveillance Camera

The standard design features an integrated CCTV full color camera which boasts a 1024 X 768 resolution & telephoto zoom capability for daylight operations with a bore-sighted laser pointer to identify targets in your field of view. For nighttime operations, it comes with a 640 X 480 high resolution FLIR thermal sensor, so you’ll have 100% crystal clear vision even in absolute darkness.

Hard to believe this little powerhouse is only around 2lbs., is 6 inches tall and only 4.5 inches in diameter!  It mounts on vehicles with magnetic mounts coated heavy duty plastic to prevent scratching, or mounts more permanently with standard hard mounts on UAV drones, quadcopters, airplanes, boats, buildings… you name it.  It can me mounted vertically, on the side or even inverted. The possibilities are endless, and so is your field of view. And with multi-axis stabilization and hard mount stabilization, you’ll get the best video surveillance for your investment. Control with joystick controller with integrated LCD display, touch screen interface of from a PC or laptop. It can evan be easily integrated into existing surveillance systems.

M1-D Marine Thermal Surveillance Camera
Our Wireless M1-D Thermal Surveillance Camera can be mounted to a UAV drone to safely perform
security operations in a combat zone to detect enemy troop movements and IED threats. Its gimbal/turret design allows for an unobstructed view of ground operations which you can control remotely, far out of harm’s way.  And with the standard hard mounts and additional heavy duty magnets on the base, it will stay in place securely no matter what the conditions are.  The M1-D will increase situational awareness and put you two steps ahead of the bad guys every time, so your operators will always stay alert and stay alive.

The M1-D Marine Thermal Surveillance Camera is designed specifically to use on any boat or vessel, in saltwater or freshwater. It’s fully weatherized and able to withstand the wind and temperature drop.  This model comes in handy for a variety of situations, including man overboard searches, docking at night or in nasty weather, DEA surveillance and maritime border patrol.

Endless configurations available. For pricing & questions about the M1-D Thermal Surveillance Camera, call (702) 369-3966 or email to discuss options.

The M1-D Thermal Surveillance Camera mounted on a UAV drone

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Palm IR 250D / Thermal-Eye 250 Thermal Imager Infrared Camera Presentation

The Palm IR 250D thermal imager is the longest running most beloved thermal camera of all time. Also known as the Thermal Eye 250 it has been in service for over 15 years and surpasses the image quality of all "new" infrared cameras offered today. The 250D infrared imager has a unique sensor technology that is more robust and produces a better image over a wider range of conditions than todays microbolometer based thermal imaging systems. The 250 is a bigger unit but the thermal images are far superior to anything else available today. The Palm IR 250 was originally developed by Texas Instruments and then manufactured by Raytheon Corporation under Raytheon Commercial Infrared and finally sold to L3 Communications to become the Thermal-Eye 250D. This illustrious pedigree spans some of the greatest american defense companies and shows the power of the 250D thermal imager. SPI Corp is now the sole provider of these infrared camera systems offering sales and full repair support on them. Call us at 702-369-3966 or visit our website at